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CATS™ is paying for the ISA or TCIA Certifications for anyone who will fully embrace our mission.

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Our Mission

We believe the industry is ready for the next evolution in tree care. We are advancing the bold new standard that everyone working on a tree crew should be an ISA Certified Arborist. Until they become one, then they must be in a monitored & independently verified training program to become a certified arborist. CATS™ is that program!


CATS™ stands for the Certified Arborist Tree Service™ and it means that a company bearing the CATS Certification has presented proof of their qualifications, and those qualifications have at least been authenticated by an ISA Certified Arborist on staff. We invite you to participate in this new and revolutionary certification model where treemen and women receive instant credit and a certification of their experience and skills.


Two great organizations, the first founded in 1924, the International Society of Arboriculture or ISA™ and then the Tree Care Industry Association or TCIA™ founded in 1938 have created amazing programs to help this industry. We would be nowhere without them. If you haven't become a member of at least one of them, then something is wrong.

Why should this matter to you?

The Problem

Customers are hiring every fly-by-night "company" with a chainsaw because they don’t know the difference.


The Reality

Many of us are well qualified, and perform great work for our customers on a daily basis. However it's not easy to see how becoming a Certified Arborist can add to our "bottom line". Understandably so, it can be hard to have a large drive to achieve Certification.


The CATS Solution

We work to identify who is qualified & skilled, but not yet certified. Over time, we prepare them and get them ready to be tested to become a Certified Arborist. During this time, we will actively monitor their job performance & customer satisfaction and assist with training, suggestion or even support services or funding to help make this happen.


The Benefits

If You're Qualified then You Get Instantly Certified

You've work hard every day so its only fair that you get recognized for your real world qualifications and skills.

What is the value of Certification anyway? Isn't it so that your employer or your customer or some big project manager can know that you are the real deal?  So how does CATS instantly certify you?

CATS is introducing something never before seen for our industry - the innovative CATS Self Certification Portfolio™. This is a fully documented portfolio of over 200 very short videos of YOU under our guidance demonstrating a specific skill or task. We provide easy to follow examples so you don't have to waste time.  The beauty of this method is that there is no big long video. Instead there are many very short videos that you make that quickly show off what you are already proud of. When your satisfied then this is will be graded by a CATS ISA Certified Arborist. Don't worry you have up to 3 years to do this and you can do as many 'do overs' as you need. But why wait because from the instant you put up a video and we grade it then for that skill you are certified.

Have always wanted to learn a new and better technique but didn't have the time?  Now you and everyone in the company will be inspired to do improve because you and they can add a short video to the portfolio.  Everyone in the company can benefit from seeing how it was done and everyone can more quickly add it to their portfolio. 

So even though when you start you may not yet be ISA or TCIA Certified, any time spent documenting what you already can do and learning a new technique to improve your qualifications is now instantly something your customer, employer, or a big project leaders can plainly see and will want to buy as a service from you. 

As Fast As You Want It CATS Will Place a Consulting ISA Certified Arborist™ on Your Staff

Imagine how this can immediately improve your image!

CATS has arranged for participating ISA Certified Arborists to mentor Arborist individuals and Champion Companies™ who are enrolled in working towards their certifications.  Who better to look over your CATS Self Certification Portfolio™ than someone who the ISA/TCIA have already taught and who already knows what it takes to become certified.

Although the CATS Self Certification Portfolio™ certifies differently than does the ISA and TCIA nonetheless these mentoring methods based on concrete facts ensure that the CATS Self Certification Portfolio™ is as authentic in its own right and fits in with any other certification.  As you can see now with an ISA Arborist consulting with your company there is no waiting to get more clout with your customers because now we will market all of this good news to get you more work - (but only if you want the extra business. This should give you a happy face. &#128521)

CATS is will back you up with more business if you want it.

Profit comes from keeping your saw in wood not from from being certified.

Getting CATS Certified doesn't mean you have to buy anything except just some T-shirts and an ID Badge. We aren't here to sell you leads or training you don't need but we do really mean it when we say we are here to revolutionize the industry. We know that nothing will change if the treeman doesn't get help dealing with issues related to making a profit because all the fly-by-night operators are what make tree business so hard.  Sure, we know that there are many days you make good money but in our experience for most tree guys there aren't enough of those days.  The CATS Solution?

CATS markets direct to your area to inform customers that they no longer have to "fly blind" when it comes to determining who's qualified in the tree care business, and who isn't. Customers want CERTIFIED ARBORISTS if they can find one. When we know your ready we are going to put you in touch with these people. 

So you should imagine your customer having two estimates - one from a company where everyone on the crew doing work on their property is certified (that's you) vs. a company with no one certified.

We already receive leads across the nation from homeowners & businesses alike, who are looking for Certified Tree Services.  We will start this marketing process at no additional cost to you once we know you are qualified. 

We Promise to Get You 5 Stars on Every Job

You have to cooperate but we handle this difficult task

You may have some Google reviews but studies have proven that it matters what the reviews say more than how many stars you have.  Why? Customers will talk about how good you rake and clean up but they aren't qualified to say something that another customer can use to know if you are better than a fly-by-night operator.  Customers are willing to pay for a job when they know that you are qualified in things way beyond raking.   The CATS Solution?

With your authorization, CATS will handle the Google review process and customers will voluntarily say what needs to be said about what matters.  Of course, if sometimes they aren't as happy as they want to be CATS can find that out and will help you fix that and turn that into a bad review into evidence that you stand behind your work.

CATS independent review process also prevents customers from lying about you because we as a nuetral third party with with negotiation expertise make it possible for you to present your side.  In the end we work to GET REAL WORDS OF SATISFACTION ON THE IMPORTANT MATTERS even if a customer feels like they may not want to give 5 stars.  When a new customer looking at you sees this then they know there is nothing fake about your CATS Certification or your reviews. Trust us on this - your reputation is far more important than any certification - no matter who gives you a certification.  That's why the CATS process and membership is what you will want long after you get your ISA Certifications.  We're here to revolutionize the industry and there is no way to do it unless tree companies can recommend and defend who they are.  We're here to help!