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CATS™  is paying for the ISA or TCIA Certifications for  anyone who will fully embrace our mission.
Our Mission

We believe the industry is ready for the next evolution in tree care.  We are advancing the bold new standard that  EVERYONE working on a tree crew should be an ISA Certified Arborist or until they become one then they must be in a monitored independently verified training program to become a certified arborist. CATS is that program!


CATS™ stands for the Certified Arborist Tree Service™and it means that a company bearing CATS Certification has presented proof of their qualifications and those qualifications have been authenticated by an ISA Certified Arborist.

We invite you to participate in this new and revolutionary certification model where treemen and women receive INSTANT CREDIT and a Certification of their experience and skills.

This is the CATS Certification™ Program.

The Problem We Want to Solve

(and why you should care)

Customers are hiring every fly-by-night "company" with a chainsaw because they don’t know the difference.

Two great organizations, the first founded in 1924, the International Society of Arboriculture or ISA™ and then The Tree Care Industry Association or TCIA™ founded in 1938 have created amazing programs to help this industry. We would be nowhere without them. If you haven't become a member of at least one of them then something is wrong.

Let's be clear. It's not their fault that 95% of the folks doing tree care are completely uncertified in any way, shape or form.  This is our fault - yours and mine - we who remain uncertified arborists. Why?

Maybe we have never taken the time to learn how it could make us more money.  Maybe we know we should be certified but we just simply can't find the time. Whatever our reasons, the results are bad.  Desperate men become maimed for life, trees are made more dangerous, and customers get 5 estimates to keep from paying us what we are worth.

The CATS Solution

Identify who's qualified - over time get them ready to be tested -  monitor them - meanwhile get them more business by directly marketing to customers in their area.

Then with thousands of video pledges across the USA let every municipality know that tree care pros mean business and they want to 'thin out the herd' by getting rid of unscrupulous companies.

Getting Started

  1. it starts with: YOU'RE ALREADY READY!
    Even though you aren't yet ISA or TCIA Certified, you work everyday, don’t you have real world qualifications?  If you do, then your customers should be shown that you are not 'fly-by-night'. Until today, there hasn’t been any form of INSTANT THIRD PARTY VERIFICATION for the years of qualification that you do have. CATS is introducing something never before seen for our industry - the innovative CATS Self-Certification Portfolio™.  This is a fully documented video portfolio of over 200 points of scrutiny. Each short video shows specifically the experience you already have but it does so in a way that a customer can easily grasp. It is here that CATS will progress you even further to do what the ISA/TCIA and those in the know are doing.

    CATS has arranged for participating ISA Certified Arborists to mentor Arborist individuals and Champion Companies™ who are enrolled in working towards their certifications.  Who better to look over your CATS Self Certification Portfolio™ than someone who the ISA/TCIA have already taught and who already knows what it takes to become certified. Although the CATS Certification certifies different things than does the ISA and TCIA nonetheless these mentoring methods based on concrete facts ensure that the CATS Self Certification Portfolio™ is as authentic as and fits in with any other certification.

    Customers can't tell from reading Google reviews if you are qualified because uninformed customers are the people who write the reviews.  CATS however will regular post only GOOD REVIEWS based on our monitoring of your company and interviews with your customer.  Imagine the CATS Certification reviews getting you to the top! 

    If you aren't doing well enough for CATS to put good reviews then we are going to help you get those if you will cooperate with our program.  CATS is not just a logo on a business card. CATS enforces standards by independently verifying reviews and your staff member progress and backing it up with concrete indisputable evidence for everyone to scrutinize.

    Joining in CATS with your PUBLIC PLEDGE is the whole-hearted acceptance of the ISA. Then with an ISA Certified Arborist on Staff and your own Self-Certification Portfolio™ for every staff member, CATS is qualified to legitimately recommend you because we have fully vetted you. CATS is marketing nationwide to inform customers that they no longer have to fly blind when it comes to determining who is qualified and who isn't. 

We are looking for uncertified workers of all kinds and ISA or TCIA Certified Arborists for this mission.

Are you a tree climber, ropeman or groundman but currently uncertified?

Join as an Arborist
Take the pledge & start immediately with the CATS Self-Certification Portfolio™

Do you own a tree service and want to certify your whole crew?

Join as a Champion Company
If you are willing to fully embrace CATS, then there is no limit to the no-cost-to-you marketing CATS is willing to do for your company!

Are you currently ISA or TCIA Certified? 

Join as a CATS Mentor
Get paid to mentor the next generation of ISA/TCIA Certfied Arborists. Your voice is the voice for change.

It's Free to benefit - So Why Not Join?

CATS Certification™ is revolutionary not because it replaces any other certification but because it’s entirely online and your existing qualifications can be certified and put to good use to make your customers see you as you really are.  But it starts with you declaring to the public who you are and then proving what you can ACTUALLY do. We won’t even seriously talk to you unless you first make a public pledge promising that you are going to do whatever it takes to become an ISA Certified Arborist within at least 3 years from the date of your enrollment. CATS is going to help you.

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Thanks for wanting to make a difference and making this Pledge. We are also pledging to you, our builders and early adopters of the CATS movement, to provide financial backing for all qualifying treemen and treewomen and companies.

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