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CATS™ stands for the Certified Arborist Tree Service™. 
It is our mission to advance a bold new standard that EVERYONE working on a tree crew should be at minimum an ISA Certified Arborist™ or some appropriate equivalency provided by the Tree Care Industry Association aka TCIA™. 

CATS™ is promising to pay for the ISA™ or TCIA™ Certifications for those who fully embrace our program.  Why? Because we've been where you are, and with your support this is going to change everyone's bottom line. 

Isn't it time to be really well paid for the dangerous work you do?

The Problem We Want to Solve

(and why you should care)

The ISA and TCIA have more than done their part with their plentiful & important education programs for the tree care industry.

By some estimates over 90% of the folks doing tree care everyday remain uncertified in any way, shape or form. Why? We think that the primary reason for this is that in the vast majority of states or municipalities it is not a legal requirement.

Unfortunately, this allows any fly-by-night "company" with a chainsaw to compete for customers.

This hurts everyone economically, even the customer. Our customers can't tell the difference, or even understand why it matters. They pay high prices by scammy salesmen for terrible tree work that destroys trees. At the end of the day, we're left competing against many desperate men who feel they have to work at low, cut-rate prices, and at the expense of safety.

Let's change this now. And change it forever.

How can I benefit from CATS?

We are looking for both uncertified & certified arborists in our mission. Take a look below to see how you can fit in and benefit in the CATS program.

Are you a qualified treeman but currently uncertified?


Take the pledge &  start immediately with the CATS Self-Certifion Portfolio of your current skills. You'll have plenty to brag about!
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Do you own a tree service and want to certify your whole crew?


If you are willing to fully embrace CATS, then there's no limit to the marketing CATS will do for your company!
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Are you currently a Certified Arborist? 


You work in the field and you have real world knowledge. Get paid to mentor the next generation of ISA/TCIA Certfied Arborists. Your voice is the voice for change.
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It's Free - So Why Not Get Started?

CATS Certification™ is revolutionary because it starts with your declaring to the public who you are and what you can ACTUALLY do - not simply what you know.  First, you have to start with making a public pledge that you are going to do whatever it takes to become an appropriately Certified Arborist.  CATS™ is going to help you.  Here are 5 steps to build the bridge to Certification that, depending on your qualifications and readiness, can immediately begin to impact your bottom line.

  • Self-Certification
    CATS is about the individual becoming certified. Companies become CATS Certified when everyone in their company fully embraces our program. CAT1 is a full assessment of all your skills and abilities and your specific goals to learn new skills or knowledge.
  • Free, Pre-Qualified Scheduled Appointments with Customers for you, or your company
    If you are qualified CATS will immediately begin marketing in your area, and find work in the nearest place possible. CAT2 means you are fully vetted as to the kind of work you or your company can perform and that you are teachable. You will have demonstrated that you see the importance of ISA pruning standards, TCIA professional work ethics and OSHA safety practices in your work. CATS will independently verify these matters as part of its certification process. To receive leads you will have to be willing for CATS to show these customers your CATS Verified Assessment.
  • CATS Monitoring
    No one is perfect on how they do tree work, or able to pass every question on a test, but CATS is here to showcase the things you are doing right. If something is missing, we aren't going to it slip. We are going to keep on encouraging you to act on your pledge. You won't be alone in this effort. Remember, we are joining together to revolutionize our industry.
  • ISA Certified Arborist Mentoring
    If the mission for everyone to become an ISA Certified Arborist is going to happen, we are going to need all the help we can get. At CAT4 you are required to retain an ISA Certified Arborist that will be supplied to you. Who better to understand what you need? They will back you up and assist you to your goal. This is what we mean by 'fully embrace our program'. If you agree to this, CATS is willing to provide many solutions that you may never have dreamed of. We can evaluate and help you fix old problems that might be preventing you from getting work. We are willing to step in and get your website ranking organically and even do as much extra marketing as wanted. We know how to turn unreasonable customers into a marketing gold mine, and thus help you preserve and build the real world proof that your qualifications and work ethic merits the CATS Certification. What we can offer depends on what you can do as an individual or as a company. We're here to help everyone become an ISA/TCIA Certified Arborist.
  • Premier CATS Arborist / Tree Service
    If you FOLLOW THROUGH and each week take in new knowledge and then when you are ready TAKE YOUR TESTS you will be fully CATS Certified. Under the CATS program both Customers and your Peers will say that you are the 'real deal.' Generally speaking being 'certified' is about being tested for what you know. CATS Certified is your NOW STORY - not what you knew but what you can do now, how you do it and how you are growing. Together we are not just building a bridge to the ISA/TCIA but we are paying it forward and proving that what they are doing for us is greatly appreciated. Imagine the changes that can come if we pull together!

Frequently Asked Questions

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