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CATS™ is paying for the ISA or TCIA Certifications for anyone who will fully embrace our mission.

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Our Mission

We believe the industry is ready for the next evolution in tree care. We are advancing the bold new standard that everyone working on a tree crew should be an ISA Certified Arborist. Until they become one, then they must be in a monitored & independently verified training program to become a certified arborist. CATS™ is that program!


CATS™ stands for the Certified Arborist Tree Service™ and it means that a company bearing the CATS Certification has presented proof of their qualifications, and those qualifications have at least been authenticated by an ISA Certified Arborist on staff. We invite you to participate in this new and revolutionary certification model where treemen and women receive instant credit and a certification of their experience and skills.


Two great organizations, the first founded in 1924, the International Society of Arboriculture or ISA™ and then the Tree Care Industry Association or TCIA™ founded in 1938 have created amazing programs to help this industry. We would be nowhere without them. If you haven't become a member of at least one of them, then something is wrong.

Why should this matter to you?

The Problem

Customers are hiring every fly-by-night "company" with a chainsaw because they don’t know the difference.


The Reality

Many of us are well qualified, and perform great work for our customers on a daily basis. However it's not easy to see how becoming a Certified Arborist can add to our "bottom line". Understandably so, it can be hard to have a large drive to achieve Certification.


The CATS Solution

We work to identify who is qualified & skilled, but not yet certified. Over time, we prepare them and get them ready to be tested to become a Certified Arborist. During this time, we will actively monitor their job performance & customer satisfaction and assist with training, suggestion or even support services or funding to help make this happen.


The Benefits

Get an ISA Arborist available on your staff.

Every tree service we work with gets an mentoring ISA Certified Arborist until we get one trained on your staff.
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Instant Certification.

CATS gives you a way to recognize & showoff your already existing skills and abilities.
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More Business.

Do work under the CATS brand and get paid good money, exclusive to you in your area.
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Employee Training.

Get your employees trained with our turnkey process, all done on their own time, in their own home.
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