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Today’s reality is that if you don’t have a Certified Arborist on Staff you are losing business and don’t even know it. Customers all over the country are calling us and asking for ISA Certified Arborists. If customers are not calling and asking you if you have a Certified Arborists it's because when they research your company they don’t see one and that means that in their eyes you are not qualified.

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This means that as soon as right now your company can proudly display that you have an ISA Certified Arborist on Staff and even display their name and ISA License #.  You can immediately put this on your trucks, equipment, social media, marketing on Google and FaceBook, your business cards, shirts, any and everywhere that you advertise. All calls request for the Certified Arborist will come to you first unless you want them to go to the Certified Arborist.

Your mentoring ISA Certified Arborist is here not only to help your company as a knowledge resource, but can speak to your customers, provide video consultations, and give written arborist assessments on your company's behalf.  The Arborist will be working for you!

Speed up your crews with free ISA Training.

Employees come and go and there is no time during the day to train people to do things the right way.  Now your CATS ISA Arborist on Staff will oversee and make sure that everyone on your staff begins to learn new and better work methods. This will be gradual and not upset your everyday work routine.

CATS is introducing something never before seen for our industry - the innovative CATS Self-Certification Portfolio™.  For each of your employees there will be a fully documented video portfolio showing and verifying over 200 different critical work skills.  Each short video of your staff member doing these skills demonstrates specifically the experience you and everyone on the team has so that you can prove to any customer, big or small, residential or commercial, that you are not bluffing when you say your company is the best, are fully qualified and certified.

Do you already have an ISA Certified Arborist on Staff?

CATS is here to help you become the leader in our industry. The day is coming and it's happening with commercial and lucrative government projects that everyone must be ISA Certified. CATS is here to help you get everyone on your staff become certified and trained through our system. CATS is not a replacement for ISA Certification because it certifies different things than does the ISA and TCIA. 

Nonetheless with mentoring by someone that has and knows what it takes to get certified and our revolutionary method for training and teaching with the CATS Self Certification Portfolio™, and with the entire suite of ISA based training available to your company, the CATS Arborist Certification is as authentic as and fits in with any other certification.

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We aren't here to sell you anything but we mean business when we say we are here to revolutionize the industry. We market direct to your area to inform customers that they no longer have to "fly blind" when it comes to determining who's qualified in the tree care business, and who isn't. Customers want CERTIFIED ARBORISTS if they can find one. Imagine your customer having two estimates - one from a company where everyone on the crew is certified vs. a company with one or none.

We are able to start this process at no additional cost to you, because we already receive leads across the nation for homeowners & businesses alike, who are looking for CATS Certified Tree Services.

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